Pt. describes, at internal assessment, a lack of feeling of being delimited from other persons (objects). Pt. also describes a feeling of non-existence and a physical experience of the skin that shuts off the brain.

In 2018 I visited the open-pit diamond mine Мир. The mine is located in Siberia. In Russian, Mир means World. The town which encircles the mine is built on poles due to the frozen climate and apart from low birch trees, no plants can grow in this area. The Russian diamond corporation ALROSA operates the mine and the town. The air layer above the mine is closed because the depth of the mine is able to drag a helicopter down. The operation station is located two kilometers from the open pit. Due to a flood accident the mine is currently closed.

Jeg havde på udstillingen installeret to jernplader á 70 kg via elektromagneter. Det betød, at der var en risiko for at de kunne falde ned, hvis strømmen gik. For at kunne se den enkelte jernplade skulle man stille sig i den anden jernplades sted. Lyden af minen blev afspillet på to højttalere.

Sound production by Ane Trolle


15th – 27th February 2019